We are a music production & sound design company. Our mission is to compose original music that bounces to the ear. We also specialize in sound design, giving your pictures and advertisements that extra bounce needed to pop out of the screen.


AUDI S4 | Alive

We are thrilled to be part of this beautiful commercial making the sound design for this huge brand!!! #audi #s4 #sounddesign

Milko | The Dream

Music and sound design on this amazing project staring NBA super star Giannis Antentokounmpo.

NESCAFÉ Classic - Morning People

We went back to 1935 ,wrote this song and we came back. "Staring at the ceiling" is our song for this beautiful NESCAFÉ Classic commercial.

NN | The Runner

This is the story of a 69years old Spartathlon legend. We wrote the music on the tempo of his heartbeat.

OPAP | Responsible Gaming | Lines

The joy of the game is within the lines! Outside the lines there is no game. That’s why you should play the OPAP games within limits. You do not play if you are under 18. Because the game is enjo...

Bouncing brands and clients!